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The MANDATORY Registration/Team fees to participate with ELW & EW new  membership is $500 and $400 for returning players.

This fee will include the following:

  • Spring & Summer 2023 Tournament Entry Fees

  • Elite Lady Warriors & Elite Warriors Club Registration Fee (Administrative)

  • Player’s Insurance (in gym and at tournament sites)

  • Uniforms (includes home/away uniforms) and will include last names and number selection.)

  • Elite Lady Warriors & Elite Warriors Team Shooting T-Shirt

  • Team backpack                                                                     

  • Player Workshops

  • Team building Outings

  • And additional player related needs as occurs (Ex. additional tourney entries, camps etc.)


Due Dates: Payment 1 Due March 2, 2023, Full payment Due March 15

Accepted forms of payment include:

All money orders/cashier checks /checks should be made payable to Elite Lady WarriorsLW or Elite Warriors. can Cash App to $curtblow

Cashapp:or $EliteWarriorsBoysLaShawnaFoster71 or $EliteLadyWarriorsCoachFoster77.


Venmo: @Elitewarriors or @EliteLadyWarriorsLaShawna-Foster

Zelle: 478-569-1087 for WSM organization

  For each payment made, a receipt will be givengiven upon request, and the payment will be deposited immediately into the team account.

Non- Refund Policy: We understand that injuries are a known factor and complication when playing sports.  There will be no refundsNO REFUNDS for any reason once a player has played their first game. Also, in order to be fair no child will participate in any games until all fees are paid.



Please note: During the season, we will have a  1-3 Mandatory Team Fundraisers. Team Fundraiser Money will be used for additional teambuilding (Travel,  Tournaments and, , end of season Banquet, etc.), Coaches (hotel and travel g),ifts and to purchase additional accessories such as (Team Gear, Coaches Shirts, etc.).

Please note: Hotel expenses are NOT included in the player fees. Please use tThe Dollar Sheet to continuously will be issued to players so they can raise money for your ELW & EW playertheir              travel expenses.

Please note: Additional monies will be required for individual player’s snacks, food and drinks during tournaments. To be decided upon by players and parents, a team snack lists with dates can be made.

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